Easy DEM

A modern tool for administering and analyzing the DEM® Test, for iOS and iPadOS

Patient management, audio/video recording, PDF report generation



Thanks to its simplified patient management and support during the test, including a stopwatch and error counting, Easy DEM supports you for an easier DEM Test administration.


Advanced data visualization, with placement on a normal distribution curve corresponding to the patient's age and language. Share a clear and precise PDF report.


Easy DEM is a 100% offline application. Dokitek® SARL does not collect any data, whether analytical or personal. Biometric locking of the application is also available.

Testing Simplified

Comfortable and Time saving

Effortless Testing

A stopwatch and correction assistance during the 3 tests make your life easier and allow you to focus on administering the DEM Test. It is also possible to import tests conducted outside the application!

Record, Watch, Edit 

Easy DEM enables you to use your mobile device's camera to record the entire test. Files are saved in a sandboxed space within your application. If there is a scoring error, correct it, and the result automatically adjusts!

Easy Search

Past tests are grouped by patient file. Quickly find all tests (including drafts) organized by patients.

A Reliable App

Dokitek® standards at your service

Professional Quality

Easy DEM is an application developed by the software architecture company Dokitek® SARL.

Privacy as a Conviction

No compromises! The Easy DEM application does not collect any data. You own the data you enter into the application. ​

New Features

Easy DEM is constantly being developed to save you even more time!